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Ice Storm!

The ice storm of January, 1998 caused severe damage to many trails throughout the WMNF.   Some people have even compared the storm to the hurricane of 1938.  Given the major damage, the 1998 trail calendar consisted primarily of  clearing the storm damage.   Since chain saws are not allowed in Wilderness, the work was performed primarily with hand tools, entailing over 2700 hours of work by adopters, volunteers, and trails crews.  In recognition of these efforts, the USFS recently presented the WODC with an Award for Excellence in Wilderness Trail Maintenance.

Although the immediate effects of the ice storm may be passed, there will be many long-lasting changes, such as a die-off of damaged trees, increased understory growth resulting from increased sunlight, and increased erosion due to reduced leaf cover.   These changes will require ongoing efforts to clear fallen trees, remove growing brush, and maintain water bars.

For additional details on the ice storm cleanup, see the December, 1998 Newsletter.


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