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Summer Trail Plans 2020

The May and June Trail Days were canceled because of the Covid-19 group size limit of 10 people established by the State of New Hampshire. That limit has now been removed so we will hold our July Trails Day on Saturday July 18. This is the protocol we will follow on July Trails Day to accommodate the Covid-19 situation.

The July Trails Day will be spent cleaning drainage on the Cabin Trail. We recommend that volunteers go directly to the Cabin/Brook Path parking on Rt 113A. Weíll plan to meet there at 8:30AM. All volunteers must bring a face covering. Iíve spoken with the Forest Service about this issue. They are running trail crews this summer. The trail crew must bring masks. When they are working on the trail they stay distanced and only use the masks occasionally. The most common use of the mask is when hikers are passing on the trail, if the crew canít maintain 6 feet of distance they pull up their mask. We will behave in a similar fashion. Since we recommend that volunteers bring and use work gloves we wonít recommend hand sanitizer but certainly volunteers can bring it with them. We will physically distance in cleaning drainages. In the case of a drainage with a good sized outflow ditch there can be 2 volunteers working with one cleaning the water bar, the other the outflow ditch but maintaining physical distance. Otherwise one volunteer will work on a single drainage and outflow ditch. For the ditches that parallel the trail we will maintain a physical distance of 6-8 feet between volunteers. If you are not feeling well on July 18 then its best not to come, we will have plenty of trail work in the future.

As usual bring water, food, gloves, and clothing appropriate for the weather. You can work for a few hours or the full day whichever you prefer.

If you want more information on any of our trail projects contact Jack 323-8913, jackw@myfairpoint.net.com.


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