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2017 Trail Plans

Winter seems to be developing annual characteristics that vary quite a bit from year to year.  This past winter we received 110 of snow, compared to the 39 of the previous winter.  Skiers and winter hikers were very enthusiastic.  There is still 2 feet of snow at higher elevations so the Spring trail cleanup work hasn't started yet. 

 Our trailwork plans this season will concentrate on Annual Maintenance.  We are also looking at some smaller projects on the lower sections of both Blueberry Ledge Cutoff and Dicey's Mill that may require Jed's expertise.  There are no plans  for a major trail reconstruction project this summer.  We will again hire members of Jed's crew to help us with Annual Maintenance.  The trail relocations last season on both the Bennett Street Trail and Brook Path seem to be holding up well.

 As usual we'll host 4 Volunteer Trailwork days on:

            Saturday May 20 (WODC Spring Trails Day)

            Saturday June 3 (National Trails Day)

            Saturday July 15 (New Hampshire Trails Day)

            Saturday September 30 (National Public Lands Day)

We'll meet at the Ferncroft Parking Lot at 8:30AM on all our Trailwork Saturdays.  Bring water, food, gloves, and clothing appropriate for the weather.  Most of all, be prepared to spend a day outdoors deriving satisfaction from a job well done.

 If you want more information on any of our trail projects contact Jack 323-8913, jackw@g4com.com or Fred 284-6919.

 WODC members have supported our commitment to perform Wilderness Monitoring stints in the Sandwich Range Wilderness.  Maintaining that wilderness environment and spiritual refuge requires dedication and effort on our part.  We'll need volunteers again this season to spend a day monitoring the Wilderness for the values we hold dear.  If you'd like to help contact Jack at  323-8913, jackw@g4com.com

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