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2010 Trails and Outreach Plans

From the April 2010 WODC Newsletter

Trail Plans

As I write this Trails Report in February the snow cover looks more like April. Perhaps we'll get a jump on trailwork before the black flies show up to supervise. They've been known to bite when they see improperly cleaned water bars. Of course, Fred does that too. In any event we have four Saturdays of volunteer trailwork scheduled for this season: May 22, Spring Trails Day; June 5, National Trails Day; July 17, NH Trails Day; and Sept 25, National Public Lands Day. On each of these Saturdays we'll meet at Ferncroft at 8:30AM. Bring water, food, gloves, and clothing appropriate for the weather. Most of all, be prepared to spend a day outdoors deriving satisfaction from a job well done.

This summer we are going to put more emphasis on our volunteer trail work. The rains of last summer clogged up the water bars and we had an inordinately high number of blowdowns reported throughout the summer. We hope to catch up on all that maintenance in 2010.

Jed Talbot and his crew from Off The Beaten Path will return for another summer of rock steps on Blueberry Ledge Trail. This year's work is sponsored by a Forest Service Grant under the Stimulus program. Last season's work is open for inspection, it begins about 10 minutes above the Ledges and is quite impressive.

In between water bars and rock work there will also be opportunities for Wilderness Stewardship. We'll again be recruiting volunteers to perform Wilderness Monitoring stints. Volunteers monitor hiker traffic for four hours at specific locations. This information is part of the Sandwich Range's Wilderness Management Plan. If you have any questions or are interested in these opportunities contact Fred at 603-284-6919, or Jack (see below).

Jack Waldron, Trails Chair


Many of you are probably wondering how to fill those lonesome Saturdays when there’s no trail work. Happily, WODC will host two Outreach Days at the Ferncroft Parking Lot this year. Outreach consists of setting up a tarp and table beside the kiosk and chatting with the passing hikers. We accomplish a number of objectives: 1) we provide advice to and enjoy the camaraderie of passing hikers, 2) we raise awareness of WODC and the trail work we perform, 3) we sell WODC merchandise, 4) we drink all the cider and eat all the trail snack that we’re supposed to offer hikers, and 5) we have a great time talking with hikers about the trails and environment we love. Stints under the tarp are typically in two hour blocks. This year we are hosting Outreach Days on two Saturdays: Sept 4th and October 9th. If you are curious about what happens on Outreach Days or want to sign up for a stint, contact Jack Waldron at  603-323-8913 or email address on home page.


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