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Over forty years of WODC Newsletters are now available online in PDF format.  Printed copies of some back-issues are also available for purchase.  You are also invited to become a WODC member and receive a Newsletter subscription by mail.

To view these PDF files you will need the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.  It is suggested that you print each issue double-sided in order to preserve all features of the original layout, such as two-page spreads.  As much as possible, these files are intended to be exact images of the printed Newsletter, however the PDF conversion process does cause some changes in formatting, notably at the bottom of columns.

Starting in 2000 most issues were created with a direct-to-PDF process, which eliminates scanning artifacts and ensures complete searchable text.  Earlier issues were scanned from paper copies, with searchable text created by a less reliable Optional Character Recognition process.

To view a specific Newsletter, click the appropriate link below.   Files range from just 0.1mb to 4mb, and are readily viewable with a modest internet connection.   For slow connections you may prefer to download the entire file to your computer for later viewing.  (To download the file, right-click the link and select "Save Target As".)


You can search all Newsletters by entering the desired keyword(s) in the search box.  Multiple keywords can be enclosed in quotes if you want an exact phrase match, such as "Camp Rich".  The Google search results also provide links to "view as HTML", which offers faster viewing, although images and some formatting are lost.

On average, the WODC Newsletter has been published twice each year, generally in the Spring and Fall.  Additional Newsletters were sometimes published in the Winter and Summer, and abbreviated versions were sometimes published as "Mountain Notes" or an occasional "Trails Bulletin".  

  Winter (Jan-Mar) Spring (Apr-Jun) Summer (Jul-Sep) Fall (Oct-Dec)
2023   Newsletter  0.2mb   Newsletter  1.5mb
2021   Newsletter  1.1mb    
2020   Newsletter 0.5mb   Newsletter 1mb
2019   Newsletter  1.0mb   Newsletter  5mb
2018   Newsletter 4.5mb   Newsletter  1.7mb
Bonus Content  1.5mb
2017 Winter Camping Expo 0.3mb Newsletter 1.0mb   Newsletter 1.0mb
Bonus Content 1.5mb
2016   Newsletter  1.7mb
Bonus Content  2.4mb
  Newsletter  0.7mb
Bonus Content  2.3mb
2015   Newsletter  1.4mb
Bonus Content  2.2mb
  Newsletter  1.3mb
Bonus Content
2014   Newsletter  1.8mb   Newsletter 1.3mb
Bonus Content 0.7mb
2013   Newsletter  0.3mb   Newsletter  1.2mb
2012   Newsletter  3.3mb
Bonus content  0.4mb
Mountain Notes 0.1mb Newsletter 4.3mb
2011   Newsletter  0.3mb
Bonus content 0.4mb 
  Newsletter 0.7mb 
2010   Newsletter 1mb
Bonus content 0.1mb 
  Newsletter  0.5mb
2005       Newsletter 2.6mb
2004   Newsletter 1.4mb Mountain Notes 0.4mb Newsletter 1.2mb
2003   Newsletter 1.8mb   Newsletter 1.9mb
2002   Newsletter 1.3mb    
2001   Newsletter 1.0mb   Newsletter 0.3mb
2000   Newsletter 0.2mb    Newsletter 1.1mb
1999   Newsletter 2.3mb   Newsletter 1.6mb
1998   Newsletter 2.5mb   Newsletter  1.3mb
1997   Newsletter 2.1mb   Newsletter 2.0mb
1996   Newsletter 3.0mb   Newsletter 1.7mb
1995   Newsletter 2.2mb Trails Bulletin 2.6mb Newsletter 2.6mb
1994   Newsletter 1.3mb   Newsletter 1.6mb
1993   Newsletter 1.8mb   Newsletter 3.2mb
1992   Newsletter 1.9mb   Newsletter 1.1mb
1991   Newsletter 0.8mb   Newsletter 0.8mb
1990 Newsletter 0.8mb   Newsletter 1.1mb Newsletter 0.9mb
1989 Newsletter 0.3mb  Newsletter 0.1mb    
1988 Newsletter 0.3mb Newsletter 1 0.1mb
Newsletter 2 0.4mb
1987   Newsletter 0.1mb    
1986   Newsletter 0.2mb   Newsletter 0.2mb
1985   Newsletter 0.2mb   Newsletter 0.3mb
1984 Newsletter 0.5mb     Newsletter 0.4mb
1983 Newsletter 0.2mb      
1982 Newsletter 0.2mb Newsletter 0.1mb    
1981   Newsletter 0.4mb Newsletter 0.2mb  
1980     Newsletter 0.1mb  
1979 Newsletter 0.2mb   Newsletter 0.1mb  
1778   Newsletter 0.2mb Newsletter 0.1mb  
1977   Newsletter 0.2mb Newsletter 0.1mb  

(no issues published this year)

1975 Newsletter 0.2mb Newsletter 0.1mb   Newsletter 0.2mb
1974 Newsletter 0.3mb Newsletter 0.1mb Newsletter 0.1mb Newsletter 0.7mb
1973     Newsletter 0.1mb  
1972       Newsletter 0.1mb


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