WODC Newsletter Back-Issues

Recent Newsletter issues are available on-line in PDF format.  The following back-issues are also available for purchase using the Order Form.  (The * marked issues are newly discovered stock that were recently added to this list.)

* December, 1993; Hiker survey, Sleeper Trail, Easements, Chestnut.
* November, 1994; Arthur Walden.
April, 1995; Kate Sleeper.
* July 1995; Trails Bulletin  (issued mid-season during a very active year)
November, 1995; Nanamocomuck, Camp Rich.
April, 1996; Glacial Geology, Camp Shehadi.
November, 1996; Peregrine Falcon, Mountain Thoughts.
May, 1997; The Bowl, Old Growth.
November, 1997; Flat Mountain Pond Hikes.
May, 1998; Lillian Bowles, Ferncroft.
December, 1998; National Park?
June, 1999; The Seeleys, Wilderness Myths.
November, 1999; Scoping, Finding Compatibilities.
May, 2000; Forest Protection Areas.

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