Our Mission

Square ledge from Mt HedgehogThe objectives of the WODC are set forth in the Articles Of Agreement:

"...for provision and care of paths, trails and other facilities for persons visiting the White Mountain National Forest  and other mountain and forest lands; regarding these lands, to promote their conservation and the enforcement of the laws regarding their conservation and use, to promote communication between their owners and the public on these issues, and to promote discussion and education on all these matters..."

The WODC actively pursues these goals through many activities including:
bulletMaintenance of 52 miles of hiking trails
bulletRestoration and reconstruction of deteriorated trails
bulletTeaching and advocating Wilderness trail maintenance skills
bulletAssisting private landowners that host local hiking trails
bulletPublication of the WODC Newsletter
bulletPublication of the Map and Guide to the Sandwich Range Wilderness
bulletPublication of educational materials regarding low-impact practices
bulletHosting presentations on topics concerning the local area and the WMNF
bulletActively participating in the planning and management of the WMNF
bulletMaintaining a library of cultural and historic information

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