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This new Fourth Edition of the WODC Map and Guide is now available!  Order here.

From the April 2019 Newsletter:

WODC Map (reduced)The 4th edition of the WODC map is printed and available for purchase. Once again Mike Bromberg provided the excellent cartography and handled all of the technical aspects of the update. Although the change list included 66 items there were only a few significant changes to trails. The most significant were the relocation of McCrillis Path and the changes in Waterville Valley due to Hurricane Irene. A number of snowmobile trails between Rte 113A and Lake Chocorua were removed because of landowner requests. The official declination shifted from 15.5W to 14.9W since the 3rd edition. Adjusting the declination was the final change to the map.

The members of the map committee included: Mike Bromberg, Peter Smart, Doug McVicar, John Mersfelder, Mike Schneider, and Jack Waldron. The US Forest Service provided excellent cooperation in the person of Dylan Alden from the Saco District and John Marunowski from the Pemi District. Steve Smith, who is the Editor of the AMC White Mountain Guide as well as the owner of the Mountain Wanderer Map and Book Store in Lincoln, provided us with much useful information, particularly on the changes in Waterville Valley.

The physical production of the map and envelope took longer than previous editions. This was due to a sharp increase in the price of Tyvek.  For the 3rd Edition paid $1.65 per map, the 4th Edition cost $3.65 per map. Because of the sticker shock associated with the price increase we examined alternative materials. These included using a thinner sheet of Tyvek or substituting other impact resistant materials such as “Paper Tiger”, a laminated paper and plastic product. None of these materials provided the same feel and toughness as Tyvek so we chose to accept the higher cost. The map was printed by Williams and Heintz Map Corporation of Capitol Heights MD who also printed the 3rd Edition. They provided us with valuable information and guidance as we explored Tyvek alternatives. The Tyvek envelopes were printed by Minuteman Press of Conway. Due to the increased costs of production we have changed the retail price of the map. WODC members who purchase the map directly from the club will still pay $6 per map. The suggested retail price will be increased from $8 to $10 per map.

WODC Map close-upThe final issue that the map committee wrestled with is digital distribution. We did not find an App such as Gaia GPS where the WODC map could be provided as a digital download with all the GPS information intact and usable. The state of the art hasn’t reached the point where there is a portable map format similar to the portable document format(pdf) that is available for digital documents. Nevertheless we will make the WODC map available as a pdf on our website that can be freely downloaded to a smart phone or other digital device. The current size of the WODC map in pdf format is 10Mb. We are working to decrease that size so that the information is usable but the download time can be significantly shortened. Watch our website(wodc.org) for information on pdf downloads.

Philosophically, we do not view our map as a profit center but rather as a service we provide to not only educate hikers on trails and peaks but also to provide information that enhances their safety. We donate maps to NH Fish and Game for each of the Conservation Officers. One Conservation Officer, who shall remain anonymous, told us that the WODC map is absolutely the best map to use in managing a Search and Rescue operation in the Sandwich Range.

Please click here for order form.  The map will also be available at local stores and outdoor shops including:

bullet Mountain Wanderer, Lincoln
bullet TopKayaker - GeoOdyssey, Chocorua
bullet North Sandwich Store, Sandwich
bullet The Other Store, Tamworth
bullet Eastern Mountain Sports, North Conway
bulletand others.

Also see our on-line collection of old maps and new maps.


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