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Peter Smart: Life Member

Pemi & PeterFrom the November 2004 WODC Newsletter:

After a dozen years of service to WODC; including ten years as Trails Chairman, revitalizing our maintenance efforts, establishing and upholding high standards, introducing new techniques, building an awesome and mobile tool inventory, creating an ambitious and respected summer trail crew program, and inspiring us all to give our best efforts toward trail and wilderness stewardship, the Club decided Peter deserved a pat on the back.  The life membership and plaque presented to peter at the 2004 annual meeting is but a trivial reward for the service rendered, and a small token of our gratitude.  Here Peter displays the plaque, along side his good and faithful friend, Pemi*, whom Peter says "is the true life member".

* Marlytuk's Pemi Spirit, an AKC registered Siberian Husky,  has accompanied Peter & Judy on virtually every trail project since NH Trails Day in July 1992.

(Photo by Judy Reardon)


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