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Recent WODC Newsletters are now available in PDF format, with selected back-issues available for purchase.  Nancy Boettiger has compiled a 29-year index of WODC Newsletters.

Read about the history of Mead Base, now known as the Mead Conservation Center, and the home of our summer trail crew.

Many people have compared the Ice Storm of '98 to the 1938 hurricane.  Click the button above for a first hand account of the hurricane damage, and what it was like on WODC trails.  (Local hikers will be particularly interested in the vivid description of Rollins Trail following the hurricane.  It sounds a bit like Dicey's Mill trail following the ice storm, but you be the judge.)

With so much severe damage to Wilderness trails, why not use chain saws to get them cleared ASAP?  Click above to see the letter from WODC Trails Chair Peter Smart to former WMNF Supervisor Donna Hepp making the case for maintaining the "primitive tools only" policy.

Photo by Sara Korpi

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