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Why Join the Crew?

Why spend a summer with the WODC?

The WODC is responsible for the maintenance of over 50 miles of hiking trails in the White Mountain National Forest.  Most of our trails are within the Sandwich Range Wilderness area, and offer rare opportunities for solitude.  We are seeking applicants who appreciate this environment and will help us to protect it.  This is a unique opportunity to work with one of the oldest trail maintenance organizations in the White Mountains.

The WODC is a private organization of almost 500 members.  Our members are of all ages, and live in a number of states, but we all share a love of the trails and mountains of the Wonalancet area.  An individual "Adopter" is responsible for each of our 26 trails, and we have a number of hard-core volunteers that participate in a dozen or more special work trips each year.  Typical projects include drainage work, erosion control, trail restoration, blowdown removal, and brushing.

The WODC is very proud of its trails, many of which were created over 100 years ago, and require diligent attention to protect them from the ravages or erosion and heavy use by hikers.  Equally important, this work protects the environment through which the trail passes, helping to offset the effects of human use.

Thirty miles of WODC trails are located in the federally-designated Sandwich Range Wilderness, which is centered on The Bowl Natural Area, a unique research zone.  Numerous peaks are accessible from WODC trails, including Mt. Passaconaway (4043'), Mt. Whiteface (4015'), Mt. Tripyramid (4140'), the Sleepers (3840' and 3881'), Sandwich Dome (3993'), Mt. Paugus (3198'), Mt. Wonalancet (2760'), Mt. Hibbard (2910'), Square Ledge (2690'), Mt. Mexico (2020'), and access to trailless Flat Mountain (3331').  WODC trails are located in the towns of Tamworth, Sandwich, Waterville Valley, and Albany, and are about an hour's drive from the Presidential Range and Mount Washington.

With few established camp sites, WODC trails are not heavily-used and offer ample opportunities for solitude.  WODC members value this Wilderness character, and have prepared brochures, displays, and evening programs to promote and explain the importance of Wilderness.  The WODC also participates in the planning and management activities of the US Forest Service in helping to preserve and protect the White Mountain National Forest.

Although not primarily a social organization, WODC members tend to have strong common values and participate in a number of organized activities.  These include several social activities each summer, including potluck suppers, geology walks, concerts, slide shows, scientific presentations, and panel discussions. 

As the centerpiece of our summer trail program,  you will have the unique opportunity to spend the summer on a variety of vital projects.  In short, we offer a truly unique summer opportunity with lots of responsibility, plenty of personal support, and the chance to make a significant contribution to protecting our trails and wilderness resources.


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