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2005 Crew FAQ

bulletIs this a paid position?  No.  This is a volunteer position, but there are certain benefits provide by the WODC and SCA:
bulletSCA will reimburse basic travel costs to and from the site.
bulletSCA provides an $1150 educational grant upon completion of 450 hours of service.
bulletYou will receive a $75 "uniform allowance" to help cover clothing and gear.
bulletYou will receive a $50/week "subsistence allowance" through SCA, which should easily cover your food costs.
bulletYou will receive free housing from WODC.
bulletWhere does our food come from?  The crew is responsible for the purchase and preparation of all its own meals, both on and off the trail.  You have shared use of a full kitchen at Mead Conservation Center, and are encouraged to coordinate food purchase and preparation among the crew.
bulletWhadamean there's no TV or stereo at Mead? Howdaya expect us to live?   Ah, life in the woods!  You'll still find plenty to do, as explained in our activities guide.
bulletWhere's the nearest licker store that doesn't check IDs?  The drinking age is 21 in New Hampshire.  If you're not prepared to abide by this, find a summer position that doesn't involve sharp tools and 500 pound rocks.  The same advice applies for any illegal pharmaceutical use, which will not be tolerated on or off the job.
bulletDo I need any prior trail work experience?  No.  In fact most of our crew members have had no prior experience.  As long as you're comfortable on the trail (and not put off by some bugs and bad weather) you'll have the chance to learn all the necessary skills during the summer.
bulletWhat's a black fly? Are they eligible for affirmative action? Black flies are nasty little insects that bite!  No, they don't spread any diseases, but that can be a real pain early in the summer.  Don't forget your head net!
bulletAre there any dangerous animals in the woods?  Just your fellow humans.  There are no poisonous snakes, and the black bears are rarely seen, unless they've been baited by hunters or sloppy campers.  That's why we hang our food out of reach.
bulletWhat days and hours will we be working?  The crew will work 40-45 hours per week. This is essential in order to meet the 450 hour requirement for the ed award.  You will generally work five days per week, although some weeks may be shorter, and there will be some days off.  The work week will generally be Saturday through Wednesday, although this may vary somewhat from week to week.
bulletWhen can we go home?  When its over!  As an interdependent crew, it's essential that all crew members be here for the entire period listed on the main crew page.  Early departure will not only cripple the crew, but will make you permanently ineligible for the SCA ed award, and you'll forfeit your return travel allowance.  (We'll also be very sad to see you go!)


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